Form a Texas Corporation

We are happy to help you form your new Texas Corporation.  We have the full-service option or the partial-service option.

Full Service Option

If you want to talk with us over the phone, in person, or by email because you are not sure of how to form your first company, which entity to chose, etc, then this is the option for you.  The price is greater because we’re spending more time with you.  If that’s what you’d like, you can schedule an appointment with a lawyer.

Partial Service Option

If you feel comfortable choosing your own entity form and just want a lawyer to draft the articles of incorporation as well as the bylaws, then this option will save you money.  We’ll provide you the following documents which you can use to file online or by mail (or for an additional fee, we’ll file them for you):

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  • Articles of Incorporation for a for-profit corporation with a single class of shares and including language limiting director’s liability, indemnification, and allowing transactions with interested directors.
  • Bylaws for the corporation.
  • Unanimous Written Consent of the Directors to adopt the Bylaws
  • Instructions on how to file the Articles / Certificate of Formation (if you elect to file them yourself)


With this option, you will not get phone, in-person, or email support.  It’s kinda like using other online formation services, but you have the comfort of knowing the documents were drafted by a licensed Texas attorney.

How Much Does it Cost?

If we draft the documents and you handle the filing, the fee is only $200.00.  If we both draft the documents and file them, the fee is $550.00.  If you’d like the full service option, we will do it for a flat fee of $1,000.00 which includes us filing for you.

Form a Texas Corporation Online